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Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training

(CICET, Obninsk, Russia) 


The Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training (CICE&T) is the leading training institution in the field of nuclear industry associated with the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”. Nowadays CICE&T focuses its activity on the development of the series of courses for specialists of national nuclear infrastructure in newcomer countries. CICE&T offers teaching aids and instructional technologies for operational and maintenance staff, multimedia courses, software tools and other technologies involved in the nuclear knowledge management packages. CICE&T has branches in Saint-Petersburg (project management for NPP under construction), Yekaterinburg (fuel cycle technologies), and affiliated departments at 6 Russian NPPs:  Balakovo NPP, Kalinin NPP, Leningradskaya NPP, Kurskaya NPP, Kola NPP, Novovoronezh NPP.

One of the most important objectives of CICE&T is to support the export of Russian nuclear technologies.  At the 55th Session of the IAEA General Assembly, CICE&T signed the practical arrangements with the IAEA and JSC “Concern Rosenergoatom” on cooperation in training the specialists for nuclear infrastructure in newcoming countries. Along with the course development the new generation of English speaking instructors  is  grown to support global expansion of Russian nuclear technologies and training system. The planning horizon is up to 2015. CICE&T is accredited and holds a license for education provision. CICE&T offers programs for advanced training and programs for professional retraining as well. All programs are developed in accordance with the requirements of the supervisory authority, IAEA and ISO-9000. The staff consists of acknowledged and experienced professionals, with 22 instructors possessing the degree of PhD and 4 - Doctor of Science. The CICE&T has a long experience in hosting  international conferences, meetings and workshops. The available infrastructure is successfully used for comfortable stay of trainees.

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  > List of the CICET Training Course 

Website:                Rosatom-CICET.ru

Contact person:    Prof. Vladimir Artisyuk (artisyuk@scicet.ru)

Training Course: heavy liquid metal cooled fast smr technology    

This course is adjacent with the 4th conference "Heavy Liquid Metal Coolants in Nuclear Technologies" at CICE&T, 30 September - 4 October 2013.

The objective of this course is to bring base knowledge on SVBR technology to the young generation of specialists from industry, academia and government organizations involved in development of innovative nuclear energy systems. Specifically, the course is intended to introduce SVBR technology to nuclear energy program implementing organizations from the countries embarking on nuclear power programs which consider small nuclear power reactors as a vital option to secure their energy supply.

  > See further details at the page in the ENEN Database

cooperation between tokyotech and cicet    

In early March 2013, a delegation from Japan spent two days in CICE&T to investigate the system of nuclear power personnel training in Russian Federation.

The representatives of Tokyo Institute of Technology (TokyoTech) approached the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” and requested to organize a familiarization visit to Obninsk for their professors with a view to learn first-hand about the practices of the Russian system for continuing education and training. On the 5th March the Japanese delegation Central Institute of Continuing Education and Training (CICE&T). The Japanese visitors noted that CICE&T activities serve as a good example of establishing an industry-wide system for advanced and continuing training. The Rector of CICE&T Mr Yu.Seleznev briefed the Japanese delegation on the key activities of CICE&T and prospects for further development. From the Russian side, Vice President of JSC “Rusatom Overseas” Mr Yu. Sokolov, Director of Department of Global Nuclear Infrastructure also took part in the meeting. He provided an overview of the State Corporation approach to rendering assistance in development of national infrastructure for governance and regulations of nuclear power programmes in newcomer countries. The issues highlighted by Mr Yu.Sokolov included the IAEA recommendations on nuclear infrastructure development, training of Russian experts to be engaged in assisting newcomer countries to establish nuclear infrastructure and practical experience of Russia in cooperation with countries embarking on nuclear power programmes to establish national nuclear infrastructure.

  > See further details at the CICET Website