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PROJECTS / Past EFTS projects / EUROTRANS Project (FP6) / Internal Training Courses (ITC)

Internal Training Courses (ITC)

1. Objectives

Within the IP-EUROTRANS, a set of training interactive courses are organised for PhD students and postdocs. They give them the opportunity to learn from experts and share the recently developed knowledge. They also enlarge the scope of the young researchers working in a specific field of the project to the scope of the whole IP EUROTRANS. Researchers involved in other parent projects like EUROPART, RED-IMPACT, and VELLA... are also welcome, and are invited to learn from- and exchange experience with EUROTRANS researchers.

The courses are organised by universities participating in IP EUROTRANS under the umbrella of ENEN Association.

2. Organisation of the courses

Typically, a course extends for three and a half days and includes:
 - an introduction by the host institution (including a visit to facilities whenever relevant)
 - a few lectures by invited experts internal and/or external to IP EUROTRANS
 - presentations by PhD students and postdocs
 - conclusions and evaluation

The courses are designed for maximum 20 participants in order to enable a large number of them to give a presentation. A small grant is foreseen for the young scientists whose presentation is selected.

The participants register at the ENEN Secretariat. > sec.enen@cea.fr

3. Programme

The table below gives the list of past and future courses.

> ENEN and Eurotrans member only 


Date and Place




ITC - 1

5 - 9 October 2005

Stockholm, Sweden

ADS: objectives, context, concepts, challenges



ITC - 2

7 -10 June 2006

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Nuclear data for transmutation: status, needs and methods



ITC - 3

21- 23 March 2007

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

ADS thermal-hydraulics: system codes and CFD codes, models and experimental validation

UCL Announcement 

ITC - 4

10 11 May 2007

Mol, Belgium

Particle Accelerator Technology

IAP - FU Announcement 

ITC - 5

26 -29 November 2007

Pisa, Italy

Fuels and Structural Reactor Materials



Welcome addresses

Vice-Rector of the Pisa Univ. 
Dean of Engineering of the Pisa Univ.  

ITC - 6

2-5 April 2008

Madrid, Spain

Core design and reactor safety analysis



ITC - 7

15-18 December 2008

Strasbourg, France

Impact of new nuclear data on the design of transmutation experiments



ITC - 8

3-6 February 2009

Torino, Italy

Impact of new results on the design of the spallation target and the subcritical blanket



ITC - 9

1-4 December 2009, Tokai, Japan

Impact of new results on accelerator - reactor coupling


Announce email   


ITC -10

15-17 March 2010, Karlsruhe, Germany

Impact of new data on fuels for ADS



OECD/NEA Workshoip programme 



For further information, please contact sec.enen@cea.fr