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E&T Projects / NUSHARE Project


project for sharing & growing nuclear safety CULTURE COMPETENCE

This project receives funding from the EURATOM Research and Training programme

4 years under grant agreement N° 335530. 


The NUSHARE Project

NUSHARE is a FP7 project implementing a European Education, Training and Information initiative proposed by the Commissioner for Research and Innovation and the Commissioner for Energy after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on 11 March 2011 (Fukushima).

Its main objective is to develop and implement education, training and information programmes strengthening competences required for achieving excellence in nuclear safety culture. Particular attention is being paid to lessons learned from stress tests conducted on all EU nuclear Power Plants in response to the the Fukushima accident and to sharing best practices at the European level.


NUSHARE addresses the specific needs of different stakeholders in nuclear safety by the development and EU-wide dissemination of programmes for 3 target groups:


  • TG1: Policy decision makers and opinion leaders at the level of governments, parliaments, international organisations, scientific communities, journalists; 

  • TG2 : Staff members of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities and Technical Safety Organisations (TSOs);

  • TG3 : Electric utilities, systems suppliers, and providers of nuclear services at the level of responsible personnel, in particular managers.



 For more information read the NUSHARE Description of Works!

From 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2016, for 4-years!


The NUSHARE project partners strive for the systematic consideration of the needs of end users of NUSHARE programmes and for involving further organisations in their implementation. Exchanges with stakeholders, i.e. individuals and organisations sharing interest in the NUSHARE objectives and ready to contribute with their own resources, are fostered:

  • to present and disseminate experience on embedding safety culture
  • to identify the stakeholder’s needs and suitable ways to address them within the NUSHARE programmes,
  • to increase the participation of stakeholders in pilot actions, in the implementation, and in the EU-wide dissemination of NUSHARE programmes


Version of the NUSHARE catalogue (Dec 2015)

 Download it!


Opening of the NUSHARE workshop in the EUROSAFE Conference 2016




NUSHARE has been launched through a grant to the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) Association. The responsibilities for the main tasks are with the French “Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires” (INSTN) of the CEA, the German “ISaR Institute for Safety and Reliability”, Spanish “Tecnatom” and “Universidad Politecnica de Madrid”, and the European Nuclear Safety Training and Tutoring Institute (ENSTTI). In a later amendmend of the project, the European Nuclear Society, the World Federation of Science Journalists and the Institute of Nuclear Business Excellence (INBEX), joined the NUSHARE Project.



NUSHARE Stakeholders Event

  • Inform about the NUSHARE project and its education, training and information programmes; 
  • Provide opportunities for stakeholders to express their priorities regarding actions addressing competences related to safety culture; 
  • Identify suitable ways for interested partiesto participate in the NUSHARE project. 

The meeting is expected to contribute to establishing and implementing a catalogue of relevant European education, training and information programmes to be presented to a larger public and the media in spring 2014. 


Who attended:

  • Individuals and organisations sharing interest in education, training and information programmes related to nuclear safety culture; 
  • Potential users of NUSHARE programmes; 
  • Training providers interested in participating in the implementation and EU-wide dissemination of NUSHARE programmes.


Flyer of the Event



For more information contact:

Pedro Dieguez Porras 

Secretary General

ENEN Association


Centre CEA de Saclay

INSTN - Bâtiment 395

F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette


Email: sec.enen@cea.fr

Phone: +33 637 30 46 17




7-8 November 2016: EUROSAFE Conference - NUSHARE workshop with Journalists targeting WP1 information activities in Munich, Germany 


25 May 2016: NESTET Conference - NUSHARE Event with the presentation of the technical approach to TG1 by Manfred Haferburg in Berlin, Germany 


4 March 2016: Presentation of the works of Tecnatom for the TG3 at the International Conference on Human and Organizational Aspects of Assuring Nuclear Safety, IAEA, in Vienna, Austria


14 April 2016: FP7 Project NUSHARE Meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


21 October 2015: FP7 Project NUSHARE Workshop with top managers of the Nuclear industry in Stockholm, Sweden 


23 June 2015: Presentation of the NUSHARE Project at the European Nuclear Young Generation Forum, ENYGF, 2015 in Paris, France 


17 July 2015: FP7 Project NUSHARE Meeting in Saclay, France 


May 2015: Implementation of Training program for TG2, "How to evaluate Nuclear Safety Culture" in Bucharest, Romania 


September 2014: Implementation of Training Program for TG2 in Stockholm, Sweden


25 June 2014: FP7 Project NUSHARE Meeting in Saclay, France 


14 April 2014: Presentation of the NUSHARE Project at the NUGENIA Forum and the SNETP Governing board in Ljubljana, Slovenia 

13-14 March 2014: FP7 Project NUSHARE Stakeholders' Meeting in Brussels, Belgium 

Presentations posted in the website Secured Area (only for registered particpants)


17 October 2013: NUSHARE post-FISA-2013 Workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania


14 February 2013: NUSHARE Kick-off meeting in Paris, France