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E&T Projects / PETRUS III Project / PETRUS Publications

PETRUS Publications





3 years under grant agreement N° 605265.

This project receives funding from the EURATOM Research and Training programme 


PETRUS III (Presentation of the PETRUS III project by its Coordinator) is a project granted by European Commission within the Euratom program (7th Framework Program), whose objective is to promote Education and Training (E&T) in geological disposal of radioactive waste. 



4th Newsletter of the PETRUS III Project. It presents the PhD early-stage researcher conference in 2016 and the work done so far in the project. 













3rd Newsletter of the PETRUS III Project. It presents the PhD Conference which took place in Nancy, France, and the update on the new steps of the PETRUS III Consortium in 2015. 













2nd Newsletter of the PETRUS III project. It presents the new steps of the PETRUS III project up to March 2015. 













1st Newsletter of the PETRUS III project. Presenting the work of the consortium dealing with issues related to Education and Training in geological Disposal of Radiactive Waste.