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Title Order Country Order Organisation Order Language Order Deadline of application Order
Postdoctoral position in Diffusion-based modelling of stationary fluctuations in nuclear reactors Sweden CUT English Friday 2 June 2017
Assistant / associate / full professor in Nuclear engineering, especially reactor physics and reactor dynamics Finland LUT English Monday 23 January 2017
10 Scholarships for European Master in Nuclear Energy (EMINE) Spain UPC English Tuesday 28 June 2016
10 Scholarships for European Master in Nuclear Energy (EMINE) France UPC English Sunday 26 June 2016
10 Scholarships for European Master in Nuclear Energy (EMINE) Sweden UPC English Friday 3 June 2016
Stanton Nuclear Security Fellows Program Fellowship ENEN English Monday 8 February 2016
[EHRO-N] New trainee position available (deadline: 3 July 2015) Netherlands NRG English Friday 3 July 2015
2015 Post Doc : Mechanical stress under controlled molten salt environment France INPG English Thursday 30 April 2015
EXPERIENCED NEUTRONICS EXPERT Netherlands NRG English Sunday 25 January 2015
EXPERIENCED NUCLEAR DATA PHYSICIST Netherlands NRG English Sunday 25 January 2015
Research Associates in Nuclear Security, Centre for Science and Security Studies, King’s College London, UK United Kingdom English Tuesday 4 November 2014
Three Postdoctoral positions in physics or astronomy Sweden English Saturday 1 November 2014
Further development and benchmarking of the ANICCA fuel cycle scenario code Belgium SCKCEN English Friday 10 October 2014
GDF SUEZ Energy Online Conference, on 7 May 2014 English Wednesday 7 May 2014
Study of gas-solid reaction during the calcination of metal loaded resin beads France English Monday 31 March 2014
Advanced 3D NK TH system simulation of SFR loaded with fuel granulates Italy English Monday 31 March 2014
New MA-bearing fuels: evaluation of performances and burn-up calculations into CP-ESFR neutron flux Italy English Monday 31 March 2014
Investigation of phase relationships in the U-Am-O system France English Monday 31 March 2014
Advancement in modeling Fission Gas Release in (U,Pu)O2 and (U,Pu,MA)O2 fuels for a Gen. IV core design Italy English Monday 31 March 2014
EC JRC ECVET Implementation Officer Netherlands JRC Friday 25 January 2013
Energy Excellence 2012 Belgium NON-ENEN Member English Monday 22 October 2012
Post descriptions for PhD and post-doc tudents at JRC-ITU, Ispra Italy JRC English Sunday 30 September 2012
Two postdoctoral positions at Research Centre Rez (CVR) Czech Replublic REZ English Monday 10 September 2012
Scientist Germany KIT Friday 9 March 2012
Position of Professor at Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors Japan TokyoTech Wednesday 31 August 2011
2x 3.5-year scholarships for PhD program Slovenia UL English Tuesday 31 May 2011
Research Associate, School of Chemistry, University of Manchester United Kingdom UM English Wednesday 11 May 2011
Summer Internships from University students Finland Finnish Thursday 11 February 2010
Quality Engineer - fixed term (one year) Finland Finnish Monday 31 August 2009
Rolls-Royce I&C vacancies in Grenoble (France) France NON-ENEN Member
Master Thesis project Belgium Westinghouse English
(Full time) Reactor physicist / nuclear engineer Switzerland EPFL
Poste de Professeur en section 29 - Groupe Physique des Réacteurs LPSC France NON-ENEN Member French
LUCOEX Scholarship European group English
EURAXESS Jobs database European group
Job Opportunities at the University of Manchester United Kingdom UM English
New Secretary General of the ENEN Association France President English
2015 Master Thesis : Numerical Simulation of austenitic stainless steel 316 France INPG English
various positions - deadline March 27, 2015 Belgium SCKCEN English
10 Welcome packages and 1 Study Grant for non-EU students at the Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering in Pisa (taught in English!) Italy CIRTEN English